Are the US and the West entitled to sanction countries due to their laws? Sanctions on Uganda.

After the fall of the USSR in 1991, the US became the sole superpower in the world. After that, the US enjoyed its position by acting as the world police and sole enforcer of human rights in the world. The US tends to intervene in many countries’ policies, taking actions against them in the name of freedom and human rights violations. These actions include sanctions, freezing assets, and sometimes military interventions. There are many countries that suffered the consequences for the same. Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, North Korea, etc. have all faced these actions, creating many problems. In this case Sanctions on Uganda over anti-LGBT Laws.

Problems caused by US Intervention:

Wars in Arab countries caused mass migration of people from the Middle East to Europe. In countries like Afghanistan, local industries have completely collapsed. Some figures show that after the US left Afghanistan, poppy seed farming, used to create opium, has reduced. In countries like Libya and Syria, things are broken beyond repair. Sanctions placed on these countries affect the citizens the most, worsening their living conditions. These people have really low per capita income, much less than any European standards, and after sanctions, their living conditions become worse.

Is US and west are entitled to be watchdog:

Thus, should the US even be entitled to be the world’s police? Why doesn’t the US recognize that different cultures have different opinions, and societies base their values on those differences? If the US loves human rights, then it should understand that these communal values are a form of freedom of expression and shouldn’t be intervened with through brute force. The US can find common ground and try to resolve issues peacefully, rather than resorting to sanctions.

Sanctions on Uganda over Anti-LGBT Laws:

Recently, the US sanctioned Uganda for having anti-LGBT laws in the country. But it is not due to hate toward the LGBT community, but due to their communal moral values. Having extreme laws against identifying as LGBT is indeed extreme, but instead of sanctions, the US could have handled the situation more effectively. These actions cause too much damage to domestic people.

If the US wants to continue acting as the world’s police, then it must take the role seriously. Furthermore, in many cases, the US is not even entitled to speak on human rights, as we have seen racial discrimination in the US, violence against Blacks, gun violence, and many more human rights violations.

Every country should respect and celebrate their communal values and traditions, even if the country is a superpower.

Rational Perspective

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